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We've created a blog! [insert cheers and applause here]. We wanted a place to share basic knowledge of topics that everyone should have experience with if they either (but not limited to): a business owner, is apart of a small to medium size business, is a designer, or even a developer.

This blog will be followed by a YouTube channel that will be geared towards the same audience with more focus on simple topics that can be explain in brief 3 – 5 minute video. Where as, our topics here will be covering a wide variety of complicated concepts and issues that have a direct impact on businesses, design, and/or development.

Have you ever heard or, or wondered what User Experience is? 

Or why you as a business need it when you want a website? Or what separates the cheap websites you get from kijiji for $99 and a $10,000 one? We'll be answering questions like these and much, much, more.

For developers, we'll be covering tips and tricks that we've uncovered or developed over the many years in our travels. It'll also include basic topics that every developer should have knowledge and may have overlooked or forgotten but is brought up in day to day development.

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If after reading this, you're inspired with questions regarding a question you've always wanted an answer to, shoot me an email at dmaddock@diesel9.com (yes, that's my direct email). And I will do my best to add it to the queue of topics we'll be sharing with the world.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day :).