Building a Website: Blog Series

This series is going to focus on getting you from complete newbie to average joe — when it comes to web knowledge. Our goal is to have you understand not only the process of building a website, but launching, and maintenance. That way, when you’re ready to buy a website, you’ll understand and know what you’re getting.

It’s the same idea as paying for a mechanic for your car (or truck). If you know the basics about a car — it has an engine, alternator, transmission, frame, wiring harness, axles, suspension, etc. — you can identify if what the mechanic is telling you, is logically sound. I.e. if you go in for a vibration issue, and they tell you it’s something wrong with your engine; you may want to get another opinion.

Any product or service is no different.

So we’ll get you to that level with websites — easy. We’ll be covering the following stages of a website:

If after reading this, you're inspired with questions regarding a question you've always wanted an answer to, shoot me an email at (yes, that's my direct email). And I will do my best to add it to the queue of topics we'll be sharing with the world.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day :).