atomic toaster
Branding / Web / App

The Objective

To expand our portfolio at Diesel 9 and as a design exercise; using a joke going around, the office toaster is nicknamed the "Atomic Toaster", we decided to create a brand around it. Not only did we want to create a brand, but the whole package. The only stipulation was that it has be ridiculous, thus, the bluetooth toaster was born. Naturally there had to be an app to go along with it that would pair with your toaster; where you'd get statistics regarding your toasting habits, configure the toasting process, and get a notification when your toast was done.

The Process

This was more of an exercise in lateral thinking than a typical design process. Since the objective was to create something ridiculous, the validity of the features was thrown completely out the window. We did use the same general process as other projects: branding first, then expand from there. But the development of the features and overall strategy expanded as we went, rather than completely flushing it out at the beginning. It was a hoot creating this.