Branding & Website

The Objective

Being a similar business to our own, Idealinks posed a bit of a dilemma -- should we help develop and promote a company similar to us (Diesel 9)? As a new company, Ideaslinks was in need of some direction to define exactly who they are, and what they do. We aided them in this process which ultimately culminated in a brand and website that they can be proud of.

The Process

Just like so many other companies that come to us, Idealinks didn't have a completed flushed out company image and definition. A group of highly talented and experienced individuals, they needed to focus on their "One Thing" and use that to drive the business. We helped them discover it, and they became a Large Scale .net and App Development company, which fortunately for us isn't what we do. Using this as the goal of the company, we created a logo which emulated their desire to connect people while relating to their name. From there, we took the concept, built on it, and created a beautiful website.