back-end system

The Objective

Being a foreign exchange trading company, Prospertradefx wanted to provide their customers with a portal for keeping track of their payments to their exchange portal. After discussing various options we came up with a solution that fit their budget without compromising on the features provided.

The Process

This project was a heavily development based, but did have a few places where user experience could shine. One of these examples would be the sign up form. In principle sign up forms a tedious and rather annoying, but a necessary nuisance. To improve this experience we wanted to devise a way of speeding up the process and requiring less data input from the user. After research, we found a solution using google to help fill in the user's location without imposing on their anonymity. When the user starts filling out the first location input field, we query google for locations matching the text they've inputted. This is done in real-time, so as the user types, the location is filtered down further and further. If the user clicks on the location in this suggestion box, then the rest of the inputs regarding location are fill out.<br><br>Improving the form's user experience was only one of a few places where we were able to use our expertise to enhance existing design patterns. Unfortunately because it is a user only portal, we can't discuss or display online exactly what we've done.