svt communications
Branding & Website

The Objective

The Pharmaceutical industry can be fickle as it is both ahead and behind the times. SvT Communications came to us with a name, and a desire to help create an online presence that they could use to advertise their business while establishing their credibility as a business. Our goal was to update their brand, in a way that would appeal to their industry and create an online presence to back it up.

The Process

SvT Communications was an amazing company to work with, as they allow us the creative freedom to create the brand and design that not only matched their business but fit into the industry like a glove. After researching the industry, and what they prefer or enjoy seeing for branding, we created the SvT logo. Using this logo and branding guidelines we went into full swing and started creating all the elements to go along with it: business card, letterhead, and ultimately the website.